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Remembering Goose

DaiseyBaby10001Goose is what I called my dog Daisy, it was short for Silly Goose, which I began calling her on account of her clumsy antics as a puppy.  Daisey was born on this date in 1998 and this post is in memory of Daisey, our first “child”.

DaiseyBaby00050001My husband Steve and I first met Daisey at the breeder’s home in April of 1998 when she was just two weeks old.   She was the only puppy in the litter and so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand;  I remember wondering how could she possibly be real.   DaiseyBaby10003When we took her home a few weeks later, the car ride made her sick and she puked all over Steve.   We had to pull over more than once to let her poor little stomach settle.

Daisey0002She was so playful when she was a puppy, she’d pretend to be ferocious and nip and bat at our hands when she wanted to play.   We had a big leather sectional couch and she’d often sit on high alert growling at the “hole” where the cushions meet, defending us from whatever she thought was “down there”.  That was her instinct.

Daisey0004Daisey was a Yorkshire Terrier and weighed just 5.5 pounds as an adult.  And she was our only “child” for five years until our son Ethan came along.  That was a big adjustment for Daisey, 100_2309she seemed depressed for months when our attention was refocused in a new direction.  She came around though, and developed a motherly relationship with Ethan as he grew.

Daisey was litter box trained so rarely went outside during the long cold Minnesota winters.  Daisey0001But in the summertime she loved frolicking in the grass and going for walks around the neighborhood.  She would explore the far corners of our yard while we were busy tending to the garden or other chores.  Sometimes she’d wander off beyond the yard, and we’d all scatter across the neighborhood frantically calling her name.

Daisey0005We celebrated Daisey’s birthday every year, I used to put a party hat on her head and sing happy birthday, she hated that.  Daisey ElfIn fact, she had an extensive wardrobe of designer doggy fashions that she generally refused to wear.  Which is funny because she had a very submissive personality otherwise.

Daisey0007I always looked forward to returning home after travelling or running errands — Daisey would be watching for us in the window and then waiting there at the door to welcome us in, her tail frantically wagging.   Daisey0003She was my constant companion while watching TV, reading a book, or any other activity that involved a chair.   She stayed by my bedside to nurse me back to health on more than one occasion.  And in her later years when I worked mostly from home she would sit on my lap all day keeping me company while I worked.

Daisey0006Daisey brought joy into our life in so many ways for 14 years.   I think about her frequently as I’m doing everyday tasks, and miss her.   Happy Birthday Goose, we’re thinking of you on this special day!